Victorian Architecture

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VIctorian architecture is named this way because it was developed in the Britain in the last decades of Victoria’s reign in the middles of 19th century. There are infuences from medieval and gothic revival style. Towers and turrets are quite common in this architecture and usually houses are tall and narrow. Houses made in Victorian style are generally of multi textured walls and they even have painted multi-coloured walls in the exterior. The concealment of the house or a building is usually asymmetrical having a roof that is steeply pitched. However, you will find other details plentiful on the interior as well as exterior classical styles. There are several types that overlap each other, sometimes they resemble so much that you cannot make a difference between them.

Actually, there are six unique Victorian styles having their own various characteristics of the Victorian architecture.

Second Empire:
This is one of the popular Victorian architecture and the most unique feature of this Victorian design is its roof which is known as mansard roof. Basically it has dormer windows and a dual pitched roof. The roofs have fine finishing of decorative texture and colour. When it comes to detailing, this architecture is more leaned on the Italian architectural style.

Often it has gabled roof that is steeply pitched having cross gables which intersect each other. At the apex the gables have decorative truss. The walls that are on exterior are made of wood clad which are generally separated into horizontal, diagonal boards and vertical patterns. This is how the stick is like.

Queen Anne
This architectural style has got an uneven shaped roof along with dominant gables which faces the front side. The facade is very irregular having a porch that might wrap or cover both sides of the building or home. The textured shingles and cutaway bay windows are generally used for breaking up the exterior made of smoother surface.

The name itself says that it is the biggest and important characteristic of this sub-type. The shingle style has the exterior walls without disturbance of the corner boards. Similar to the Queen Anne kind, it also has an uneven facade having an irregular steep roof along with eaves at various levels.

Richardsonian Romanesque
The finishing of such type of Victorian architecture is always done with masonry. Very times you will find the exterior portion with two types of stones or brick in few various types of decorative pattern. This style will form a tower having conical roof. Just like Shingle and
Queen Anne, it has symmetrical design.

Folk Victorian
This style is basically a folk house having a Victorian touch to it. The faced is symmetrical. The primary detailing is somewhat similar to Italianate style and Queen Anne style.

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