Traditional Indian Palace in Rajasthan

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Luxury, about 350 yearls old  traditional Indian style palace. The old architecture of the building has been kept intact, even with the modern renovations in minds. Intensive colors like red and gold make the interior less relaxing but even more impressive. Some rooms in the palace, that nowdays is used as a hotel, dates back to 1670, where one can find the complete Rajput era effectively etched on the ceilings and walls of each room. There are three royal suites in the building that are designed classically to ensure that the royal life of the kings reflects in the living of the guests.

Rajasthan is certainly the princely state of diverse India, known exclusively for being royal in every sense. DeogarhMahal tells the story of the much popular Mewar aristocracy, which itself a huge position in the history of the state. The rulers of this palace ruled 210 villages with forts located 100kms away from the location of this modern day resort. Like most resorts that are located in different palaces and forts in Rajasthan, this one too is known for large and utterly upscale, fitting just right for being the home to the kinds. For visitors, this place is all about brave stories and beautiful architecture.

From the giant entrance of the mahal to the majestic admin departments, everything about this palace demands attention. The place was converted into a hotel by the owner, and the family of the kin manages and monitors the hotel working closely. Visitors come here to feel royal Mewari hospitality, something that is worth experiencing. Despite being an old property, all the 50 rooms have attached bathrooms with modern facilities.

All the parts of the palace has been designed and decorated to keep the guests smiling. There are special services such as spa where one can indulge in ayurvedic massages with specially maintained terraces for sunbath. There is a swimming pool in the resort facilitated with a Jacuzzi.

Traditional Indian Style

Traditional Indian style and architecture

Indian gold luxury interior

Very luxury interior design with intensive red and golden colors.

luxury Indian Bedroom 1

Traditional luxury Indian Bedroom with Instensive red colors

indian luxury style

Lounge and living room. Comfort and luxury

Indian Luxury bathroom

 And a really wonderful large bathroom using marble as main material

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