Sustainable Architecture

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Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture uses environment friendly design techniques in architecture. The objective of sustainable architecture is to moderate the consumption of material, space and energy while building. The aim is to leave behind a better planet for our future generations. Sustainable architecture is the product of the pressing political and ecological issues of the world.

Heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) efficiency is an integral part of any sustainable architecture. The idea is to create a self sustainable system that recycles the energy generated from the dwelling and uses it for heating and cooling purpose.

The design and shape of the dwelling depends on where you live. In colder climates it is important to factor in the rate heat dissipation while designing a dwelling. Heat gets dissipated from the surface of the dwelling so the design should fulfill the high volume low surface area criteria. Also it is important to use insulators in the building design to trap heat inside the housing unit. Glass is a good insulator of heat. Such units should have glass windows. Double glazed glass with gas trapped inside is a great for designing an insulated dwelling unit.

The placement of the window has to be right. In the cold Northern areas North facing windows will not help you make the most of the heating available from the low Sun. However, if you have a South facing window you will be successful in trapping some of the natural heating and lighting available in the Northern Hemisphere.

In warmer climates where the primary concern is cooling what you use in the construction becomes vitally important. It is important to construct buildings using raw materials which have a high thermal mass as it helps in retaining some of the coolness of the night.

Unlike building in colder climates, buildings in warmer climates should have a sprawling design. Buildings which have more surface area are more successful in dissipating heat. The house should be designed in a manner that allows from water bodies to enter and exit. This takes out the excess heat from the house.

The use of trees in sustainable architecture is also very popular. For example deciduous trees planted in front of the window will block the harsh sun during the summer and allow the sunlight to come in the winter season once the leaves have shed.

Sustainable architecture is a somewhat new trend dating back to the start of the new millennium. However, there is no doubting its importance in the current milieu.


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