Neoclassical Architecture

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Neoclassical Architecture is one of the most popular architectural styles of the last centuries. It was the main style for luxury houses in all Europe, USA and Russia during 18th and 19th century. Design and structure are inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. If you ever get a chance to have closer looks of a building built with Neoclassical Architecture then it can be noticed easily glimpse of the Parthenon, and other ancient temples, found in ancient Rome and Greece. Even today are built luxury houses using neoclassical architecture.

Neoclassical structure characteristics:
Neoclassical buildings can be easily identified with common features such as symmetrical shape, tall columns touching full building height, triangular pediment etc. The use of doric and ionic style ancient Greek columns is one of the most identifiable elements in many neoclassical buildings. The roofs are not domed but linear or triangle. in many buildings there are aslo sculptures and statues on stone or marble.

Winter Palace,

Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg Russia. Maybe the capital of neoclassical architecture with hundrends of amazing buildings.

Neoclassicism first came into action as a backlash opposite to newer schools with a new architecture that gained popularity in very short time. The action was also taken to restore the lost pride of Greek and Roman architecture. Capitol Hills of US and the Prado Museum of Madrid are two of the most visually identifiable neoclassical structures and most other structures are identified by the visitors by their names. Though the neoclassical movement adopted in different countries as different but the fact that its presence was felt in all parts of the world was what the main reason to call it a successful movement. Neoclassical architecture in lot ways was response to Baroque movement. Baroque movement in which buildings were designed just to show of wealth and prosperity of particular individuals were becoming popular those days. Building with Baroque architecture lacked symmetry. Neoclassical architecture was more based on basic geometry and buildings under it not only look pleasing but every of the building serves a practical part.
Opposite to Baroque movement neoclassical architecture buildings were more symmetrical and well balanced which in according to Greek and Roman architecture was considered the key for successful architecture that can last for decades. Tall columns which many of people think are just for identifying buildings are under neoclassical movement also serve their portion in practical parts. Columns ensure the weight of the building is not concentrated in one place so any particular part of the building doesn’t weaken quickly than others. Today neoclassical architecture structure demand is increasing and with modifications buildings are now more eye-catching. Neoclassical structures are known for creating a positive environment, which was the main reason they served as temples in the past. Now day’s neoclassical structures serve many different purposes including temples.

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