Modern and traditional Greek style in Santorini

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Santorini is a small island in Greece that is a dream destination for millions of people all over the world. Except to the amazing natural beauty of this island it also has a fantastic traditional Greek, Aegean architecture. In this article we are going to see a unique combination of modern style and traditional Aegean style. Grace hotel in Santorini has won several architectural awards creating a beautiful special modern style and at the same time keep the unique traditional Greek architecture of the island.

Grace Santorini modern Greek style
Luxury modern style with traditional Greek elements. LInear asymetric style. Main color of the building could not be other but white. Blue and white combination is the main colors not only of Aegean Architecture but of whole Greece


Lounge of the hotel with beath taking view, following the traditional architecture and colors of the whole area.


Inspired architecture. Beautiful modern building and modern swimming pool at the level of the floor suiting prerfectly at the traditional exterior.

Grace Santorini sunset view

One more photo of the beautiful view during sunset. Architecture and nature. You may start understanding why Santorini is a dream travel destination for millions of people.

Grace Santorini view

View from the hotel to Santorini with classic traditional Greek style. Grace hotel managed to be very modern and keep the general style. Everything is really beautiful here too, I would just not consider good idea someone to  use classic traditional Greek Architecture to UK or an other place.


And let’s have a look inside at the bedrooms. One of the simple bedrooms. Allmost everything is white.

white bedroom santorini

And a wonderful white bedroom. Everything is white and beautiful. Only a small blue note is the blue rug on the floor. You might ask what is there outside the doors. The answer is that I don’t know either but whatever it is it’s beautiful.

A wonderful hotel in a wonderful area. Who would not like to be there. I have been in Santorini twice and I want to go again. And if you are afraid the price is going to be very high, It is not. For example flight from London to Athens can cost even less than 100 GBP, from Athens you take The ship to Santorini and accomodation and living price are not high either.

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