Luxury house with modern interior in Stockholm

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This wonderful modern home is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is definitely worth your attention! The total size of the interior is about 4430 square feet with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The house has an extended living room with modern furnishing and decor, and dining area with great view outside. Very large windows and sliding glass doors, plenty of natural light, very good layout space and nice selection of furniture are some of the features of this house. Who would not like to stay in such a luxury house with such beautiful sea view. The style of the living room is modern and quite minimalistic without large sofas but comfortable unique modern style “Seats”. On the ground floor there is also a modern and very large white kitchen. On the upper floors are the bedrooms that also have view of the sea and the mountains and also there is a gym where you can work out and watch the beautiful nature outside. Let’s admire the interior design of this beautiful villa.

modern home stockholm living room 2

Minimalistic modern style living room with 4 modern style seats. Large sliding doors and white walls that make the house very bright. Some dark objects, like pillows and carpet in order to create contrast to the white color. The lighting is very beautful and special creating a unique modern style.

modern-home-stockholm dining room

It’s great dining with this view. The dining area is next to the living room without having something to seperate them. Many interior designers use this design in order to make the areas look bigger and be more comfortable. Dining table and chairs are also white. The curtains are beuge as close as they could find to the color of the wood flooring. I have to admit that I do not agree with the choice of the chairs though.


It’s not only villas in Mediterannean with a nice view of the sea!

modern-home-stockholm kitchen

Modern style black and white kitchen. White is basic volor in all the house!

modern-home-stockholm dining area

Dining area again.

modern-home-stockholm bedroom

One of the 5  bedrooms.  White walls again, and large balcony.

black and white bathrooms

Black and white  modern bathrooms

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