Jasri Beach Villas on east Bali

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Jasri Beach Villas on east Bali

Coming to Bali will be incomplete without coming to the crowded streets of Kuta and Seminyak. Sixty miles away from these two streets is the Jasri Beach Villas that are known for being one of the most picturesque places to have a stay in Bali.

The majestic and exotic villas are surrounded by the Indian Ocean and lush jungle, keeping ample scope for you to stay close to the nature. Decided to offer you the ultimate retreat in a never-ever experienced environment, Jasri Beach Villas are the perfect place to spend in East Bali.

The villas have been completed with Merbau wood and stone for ensuring complete visual pleasure. Designed by Warren Sunnland, these villas were designed to become one of its kind in the entire region with jaw dropping backdrop and superlative luxury living.

Keeping the balance with contemporary designs, the villas tell a lot about the use of traditional Balinese architecture. Also, visitors staying in these villas can enjoy the best of comforts including spa, infinity pool, flat televisions, walk in showers, and air conditioners. The designed villas bring the best of the exotic locations of Bali on the east, and under the starry night, you will love the way these royal villas shine.

The best thing about the Jasri Beach Villas is the fact that not many know about this secluded cobblestone beach. For those looking for a getaway that doesn’t demand much of hectic running around, this is one of the most flawless places to be. Each villa has three bedrooms with fully equipped and furnished kitchen along with open air dining and sitting options. For ensuring safety, visitors get a mini safe, and for relaxing around, there is a pool in every villa.

For vacationers looking for seclusion in homes that are crafted in the arty Balinese architecture, Jasri Beach Villas can be an interesting option. With options like rafting, trekking and surfing not far away, there is plenty to do here. One can indulge in spa or can just check the stunning views of the Indian ocean, all at choice.

If you are looking to know more about Bali and its traditional home designing skills, these villas can be a real place to check out. Being out of the crowd, you can be at your space and enjoy the leisure in finely crafted and conceptualised rooms designed with the best inputs of modern contemporary design ideas. Check the pictures to admire the beautiful Balinese architecture.


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