Hi tech architecture – Structural Expressionism

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High-tech architecture is also called as Structural Expressionism or Late Modernism. This is one of the popular architectural styles which appeared in almost 1970s. The different features used in were often used for designing new buildings.

In this type of architectural design huge amount of steels and concrete was also being used. This style of architectural design joins the post modern architectural design and modern architecture. At the beginning of the year 1980, high-tech architecture started looking different from the post modern ones. The ideas that originated in the post modern times were used in the high tech architecture.


Features of high-tech architecture are not that unique and are different as well. Mostly, they have the display of the functional and technical components of a building. Also, they include the proper arrangement of the fabricated elements. Steel frames as glass walls were also famous.

The features were externalized to show off the technical features along with the arrangements for load bearing. If you are looking for an example then the Pompidou Centre is the best example one can give. The ventilation ducts are rightly shown on the external surface. The preceding ducts were on the inner sides of the building. The entry in the building is from the outer side along with a huge tube which allows visitors to enter the building.

Structural expressionism is widely used in an international market. With its sleek and simple design it appeared in the de rigueur style for big corporation headquarters and also has shaped the international skyline irreversibly. The most famous, appropriate and iconic example is the Lloyd’s Building, in London. It is the home of Lloyd’s an insurance company in London and is located in the centre of the City. The Lloyd’s Building is also called as the Inside-Out Building, is a creation of Richard Rogers that combines high-tech architecture to form an iconic structure. The building opened in the year 1986, the construction was highly disobedient not right for a commercial architecture- Pompidou Centre. The services of the towers are external, which includes twelve glass lifts. With this the services can be replaced easily, keeping the important structure of the construction as it is and the larger floor space on the inner side if the services were positioned internally. The Lloyd’s Building looks still futuristic even after the 25 years and is also used in few of the art projects which prove its iconic status.

High Tech architectural designs are very common these days and are powerful as well as compared to others.

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