exotic water house in Maldives

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Let’s see something different than the usuall houses. A small home which is luxury cozy and of course very exotic and special. THey call it water villa and the spesific house is offered for vacations by six senses in Lamuu Maldives. Of course building such a house for living in United Kingdom or any other cold rainy and windy area would not be a very good idea. But even in UK similar ideas could be applied by the swimming pool , or to a summer beach bar. Of course it will never be like Malvides but having something like that can make your garden ┬ámore exotic. Of course the cost for this would be quite high and furthermore will need special attention to fit to the rest of the architecture.

But let’s see a bit more about the spesific house. The whole construction is made by natural wood. ┬áNatural wood creates a healthy cozy atmosphere. The roof is traditional exotic style. It is not large but it is very comfortable especially for 2 persons who are searching romantic vacation. Let’s have a look at some photos.

water villa malvides sunset

The main beauty is not just the home but the beutiful nature around. Photo at the sunset


Wooden luxury deck for relaxing and enjoying your drink and dining right over the clear sea.


The interior of the water villa. Small but comfortable living room with view of the sea everywhere. Wood and white color all around creating an exotic and at the same time luxury atmosphere.


The bedroom and the living room are connected in order to save space. Natural wood everywhere.

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