Exotic and luxury Indonesian villas

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Beautiful, luxury, tropical and exotic Indonisian Architecture. All these thing can be found in Bulgari Bali resort in Uluwatu in Bali. Except to swimming pool , jacuzi and all the classic things that luxury villas offer, the Bulgari Villa has even a private theater inside. But it’s not the facilities who impress me. What I like most is the great combination of luxury and traditional Indonesian architecture that creates a luxury and at the same time exotic result. THe architects and constractors of this villas have managed to create luxury appearence even where they used simple traditional materials that can be found at simple poor houses in India. Some of the materials that have been used in this Villas, are various kinds of stones, like lava stones, hi quality wood, traditional┬áBalinese Alang Alang Thatched Roofing, and some kinds of metal, even bronze.

bulgari bali resort face

Traditional architecture that creates a unique atmosphere. It really makes you feel you live in an indian or persian palace, and that princess Jasmine will come outside


Bali bulgari resort villa pool side. Combining modern elements at the swimming pool design with tradition stone floor and Balinese Alang Alang Thatched Roofing. A really great place to relax with great view to the sea.


Natural hardwood combined with alang-alang thatch roof and view to the sea , the rocks and the palm trees. This is my favourite area of this villa.


This one of the bedrooms. The interior design is not something unique and special but it remains very beautiful and luxury. Large glass surfaces covered by curtains are nessecary to show and bring the beautiful nature closer.

For sure one of the most beatuful houses in Bali, that also keeps the tropical Balinese style and atmosphere. If you like installing such architecture , I am not just very sure how easy, cheap and strong will be for UK!

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