Elounda dream villa in Crete

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Located in the southest part of Europe, In Crete which is the biggest and southest Greek island. Crete is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world with hundrends of different beautiful areas, great climate and unique nature. There are even many unique plants that grow only there. Crete is also considered to produce the best quality olive oil in the whole world. Elounda is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in this wonderful island. The spesific Villa is  called Elounda dream, and is a dream house for sure. All the main rooms in the house,  4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, extended living room, big kitchen and dining room, have a wonderful view of the Elounda gulf and the Cretan Sea. Outisde  there is a  46 ft (14m) swimming pool with four areas of water massage facing the sea and underwater sound system!


Elounda dream living room

Modern design style living room and exterior facing the sea and the gulf. Main color of all the villa is white

dream dining room

Large kitchen and dining room with view of the swimming pool and the sea. Allthough the modern kitchen is really great I would not like to sit on the chairs who face to the kitchen when dining!

long swimming pool

Patio and long swimming pool with 4 water massage spots and underwater sound system!

dream luxury bedroom

Large and luxury bedroom with patio, sunroof and water massage bathtub. The bedroom’s furniture and walls combine modern modern and classic luxury style


One more of the 4 bedroom. Similar style and size to the previous one.


The exterior of the 2 floor modern villa combining white and natural stone. Elounda dream is a dream house for living.

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