Classic traditional Stone made Villa

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Stone is one of the most popular materials in human history and stone buildings are allways classic and wonderful. This Villa is located in the beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece and is a combination of traditional Greek architecture and old Venetian architecture. The main advantage of A well made stone building is that can last for ages without any maintenance. Stone walls also give a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. All classic stone houses also contain wood as a secondary meterial. dark wood is also offering a nice and harmonic color contrast and furthermore is a natural material making the house more natural and live. The negative is that wood does need maintenance to last for long and keep a good appearence. The roof of this building is made by classic Greek roof tiles and a small part is made of wood. the small balconies are made of steel and are painted in brown color similar to wood in order to keep the color balance.
stone and wood interiorThe same thing inside. The interior design is also based in stone and wood. Most of the furniture are also dark wood to avoid many colors and keep the classic character. We also notice that there are many curves inside on the walls and doors like medievil architecture. We must notice that the interior design of this house is not very luxury and very expensive, but it is luxury enough to keep the style of the house.
stone bedroomI like stone walls even more in the bedroom. Maybe it seems more like a Prince’s room. I know that princes did not have lcd TV attached on the wall, but it still keeps the style
stone bedroom bed

stone bathroom

Stone walls also give a special style to the bahroom and are quite strong to humidity

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