Classic and traditional style curtains

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Many people, even many interior designers do not pay so much attention at the curtains of the house. In many cases the curtains can change completely the appearence and the style of your living room or your bedroom. The most common interior design trick to make a living room look luxury and similar to a palace, without spending a lot of money comparing to buying the furniture of a palace for example, is to install classic luxury curtains. In most cases classic luxury curtains require classic interior design , but not allways. You can also combine it with simple modern furniture too. Just avoid combination with futuristic design.

classic curtains

Beautiful Classic French pleated curtains designed by Mara Papado combined with classic furniture. These curtains make the living room look really luxury

If you want to give your interior a more special style then maybe you should search for a more special tradition type of curtains. YOu can use traditional and ethnic style curtains even if you do not have an ethnic style interior and decor. One very special sollution can be Japanese panel curtains. SUch curtains can also be used in modern style interior and give a special style of beautiful Japanese art. According to the color and the patterns can be adjusted in modern, classic or ethnic interior. For modern interiors , I would advice to use simple pattern and neutral colors like white black and grey.


Red and white japanese panel curtains. In Japan style interiors, the pattern of the curtains is usually combined with pictures on the wall or other parts of the room. A special sollution for your bedroom.

In Latin America and Spain, it is quite common to see rolling curtains with patterns. Of course the pattern will define the character of the curtains and the interior. Simple and single color rolling curtains are used in modern interiors and intensive color and patterns for more traditional style.

rolling curtains

Rolling curtains with flower patterns. Gives a more special and traditional style at the interior of the house

One more I really like, especially for houses near the sea, is Greek style white and light blue curtains. If you house has a view at the sea, river or lake, you can feel like being in the Greek islands using some eagean style decor and traditional white and blue curtains.

greek style curtains

White and blue curtains combined with the sea view. Photo from Elounga gulf spa villa in the beautiful island of Crete

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