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Talking of pleasure and serenity, the Jumby Bay Resort in Antigua, West Indies is a beautiful exotic villa offered for peaceful and relaxing vacation. Set in a 300- acre private island, the place has a world of its own with ample scope for those in love with nature. Hawksbill Sea Turtle lays its eggs on the protected site at Pasture Beach, one of the many attractions to come here. Having said all of that, Jumby Bay invites people for many other reasons, one being the stylish and upscale architecture of the resort. There are some stunning choices here that will enthrall and surprise you.

In the modest range, you get rondavel rooms that come in octagonal cottages- quite unique in their own way with spanning terraces that give picturesque views of the sea. There are four poster beds with a private courtyard, and all of the space used with the modern needs and amenities in mind. If one checks the one room suites, one can find that the management and architects have paid ample attention to the interiors with use of upscale furniture along with a natural themes such as a private outdoor garden.

Moving on to the more exquisite suites at Jumby Bay, it is not very surprising to see how the beauty of island has been captured in the rooms. With smartly used vaulted ceilings, the rooms look magnificent with inclusions like rain shower, double vanity, outdoor shower and private courtyard. With pool included, there are one bedroom suites that offer visitors astounding 1346 sq. feet space. The terrace has been given the much need Caribbean feeling with sea glances and a pool that’s offers complete rejuvenation. Also, there are private homes that can be rented on the island on weekly and monthly basis.

The postcard perfect beaches and the smart use of modern architectural styles in the rentals make Jumby Bay one of the top resorts worth visiting around the world. Of course, the prices are staggering high, but for those who are in need of the perfect Caribbean vacation, the money should not be a concern. From the finest amenities to the sprawling rooms, Jumby Bay Island is a world in its own right offered for rent by rosewood hotels.

Caribbean paradise sunset

I can not imagine of a better place to have your dinner

Jumby Bay caribbean living room

Living room of the exotic villa. Extended glass doors for natural lighting and beautiful view outside

exotic dining room

Special dining room that can also be used as a bar. Ideal for parties and just some steps distance from the exotic beach

caribbean sunset

Sitting by the pool and watching the sunset

outdoor bathroom

Outdoor bathroom

Jumby Bay caribbean bedroom

And one of the bedrooms with beautiful view of the sea and the garden


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