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art deco style undergroundArt Deco was first met in Paris in about 1920. It mainly concerns architecture and interior design, but can be also met in other forms of visual art.¬† It is probably an architectural style that has gotten archetypal dimension, as art deco buildings, are not met not only¬† the ’30s gangster films, but even in films about the future.

Art deco is based on geometry and symmetrical mathematical shapes that create an artistic and impressive vision. It has affects by most ancient architectural styles like Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Mayas, Aztec etc. I really see many similarities with ancient Maya buildings. It is also related a lot with Art Nouveau, as contains geometrical lines and curves. It was considered to be one period as the ultimate design style , trying to avoid the negatives of Art Nouveau, which was considered by many designers to be decorating and architectural exaggeration.

This architectural style does not have a limitation on what materials can be used as it is based more on the shape. But materials that are usually used are Steel, Aluminum, glass and any other kind of metal. But in some cases we can see examples using wood, stone etc.

This architectural style was very popular in USA at the time of growth that skyscrappers were built everywhere. It was one of the most populat styles in Manhatan, the capital of capitalism. But such building were built all over New York, Chicago, Ditroit , Miami etc. In London has also been very popular. For example the old Arsenal Stadium. Even at London’s underground we can meet many art deco features. Buildings with such style and features are built all over the world. The cities with most such buildings now are Miamia and Mumbai.

Nowadays, art deco is not very popular. most architects prefer to make something more practical in order not to increase the cost or lose effort area for aesthitic reasons. But sometimes the result can be beautiful

art deco style building

art deco style building in London. You can notice the geometrical shapes on the roof including lines and curves. They might not be very practical but allways offer a special and beautiful style to the building.





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